AwoReferral » Rules

This screen shows a list of rules that have been created. At the top, there is a list of filters and a search field to help you find rules efficiently. A rule can be created/published, unpublished, deleted, or edited from this screen.

There are four unique groups of rules:

§  Sponsor Rule triggered by registration

§  Sponsor Rule triggered by order

§  Friend Rule triggered by registration

§  Friend Rule triggered by order

When a new rule is created, it is assigned an ordering number, which is the next number available in its unique group. This is important for rule application. When there is multiple active/published rules in a particular unique group, the logic goes through them in the order they are in and uses the first applicable rule. 

New Rule – Fields

To add a new rule, select "New" from the top menu on Rules list.


Rule Name

Name of the new rule



Published: Active/In use

Unpublished: Inactive/Not in use

Customer Type


Sponsor: Person referring a friend

Friend: Person receiving a referral

Start Date

Setting a rule start date and time means: 1) The rule is valid from the start date onwards.  2)  Only registrations/orders made from the start date onwards will be accounted for by the rule.

Rule Expiration

Setting a rule expiration date and time means: 1) The rule expires at the expiration time.  2)  Only registrations/orders made up until expiration will be accounted for by the rule.


Admin’s notes

Payment Type


Instant: Reward will be paid out/emailed out as soon as customers earn it/qualify for it.

Coupon Template: A coupon which will be emailed out as a reward. Must be created in AwoCoupon Pro. All coupon templates created in AwoCoupon Pro will show in the drop down menu.

Coupon Expiration (Days): A number of days the coupon is valid for. If left blank the expiration from the coupon template will be used – if also blank, then there will be no expiration.

AwoCoupon Profile: Email template with Coupon/Gift Card Image which will be sent automatically to customers with their reward. AwoCoupon Profile must be set up in AwoCoupon Pro. All profiles will be listed in the drop down menu for selection.  


Cumulative: Reward is being placed in customer's account, and will be paid out when a minimum payout amount is met or when customer requests it – depends on settings in Configuration

Amount: a number representing money or points that will be awarded to qualifying customer when the rule is met.

Rule Type


Registration: Reward is triggered when a referred friend registers

Note, if your store requires user activation, rewards will still be sent out before the user activates their account. It is recommended that you turn off user activation if it poses an issue.


Order: Reward is triggered when an order with specific parameters is met. These parameters are:

Minimum Order Total Type: This field lets you set if the minimum value must be reached for every order or across multiple orders. For example, if you set the minimum value to 100 and the minimum order type to Per Order, then only if a customer spends 100 in a single order will the rule be triggered. If the minimum order type is set to 'All Orders' then the order totals accumulate and when a customer spends minimum of 100 across all their orders the rule will be triggered and reward earned.

Minimum Order Total: The minimum value the order total(s) must reach for the reward (coupon/amount) to be generated. Please note this field works with minimum order total type field.

Order Number to trigger rule: This field lets you set which orders the rule will apply to. For example if the rule should apply to every 10th order up to first 100 orders, then set it to 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100. Please note this is orders per customer and works only with order total type of 'Per Order'.

Percent of Order Total: The percentage of the order total end payment which will be given to a beneficiary. For example entering 2.5 and setting the customer type to sponsor will mean the sponsor will be credited with 2.5% of the order total completed by their friend. If the customer type is set to friend, than the customer receives a 2.5% cashback on their order.