Always wanted to use the "Refer a Friend" promotion but didn't have the right tools for it?

AwoReferral is an extension for AwoCoupon Pro, which offers a magnitude of opportunities for rewarding your customers for referring their friends, as well as rewarding those friends who become your new customers. The reward can be any coupon created in AwoCoupon Pro, such as free shipping, discounts on specific products, free gift, a discount if they spend certain amount in your store...etc. The reward can be triggered by a successful registration of referred friend, or their first (or any other) order, or once they spend a certain amount of money in your store... you can even create a true cashback ( x% back of order total) or have customers earn points/money when their friends shop with you.

And not to forget, you can email the rewards instantly or have them accumulate (great for collecting points or small cash amounts) and have it paid out as a gift card emailed to your customer when it reaches specific minimum amount or when they request it. The choice is yours!! And as expected, all emails and profiles are highly customizable so you can always tailor them to match the spirit of your store and have them fully personalized.

Sponsor & Friend:

  • can view summary of points, payout balances in their account
  • can add a personal message when referring a friend
  • can request their payouts, if allowed by admin


  • Sponsor rules
  • Friend rules
  • Rules based on successful registration, first order, minimum spend etc.
  • Reward with any coupon created in AwoCoupon Pro, or points, amounts or percentages of order totals to either sponsor or friend or both
  • Reward payouts can be instant or can cumulate until a minimum payout amount is met and/or until customer requests the payout
  • Ability to run multiple rules in parallel, order them and set their expirations
  • Highly customizable emails with different profiles for notifications, confirmations, reward payouts etc.
  • List of referrals, coupons assigned, credit history etc.
  • Ability to limit the number of friends to be referred
  • Compatible with Virtuemart 2.x
  • 1 year Free Updates (requires registration)