Virtuemart Minimum Amount for Free Shipment with Coupon

Virtuemart is a great shopping cart system for Joomla CMS. No system is perfect, and Virtuemart is no exception. In this post, I will describe how to change the behavior of the Minimum amount for free shipment when a coupon code has been entered.

The Problem

AwoCoupon Pro - Gift Certificate Balance

Gift Certificate Balance is the latest feature of AwoCoupon Pro (for VirtuemartredSHOP, and Hikashop). It allows customers to load, store and track their Gift Certificate and its balance in their customer account.

This is a nice new addition which will make it easier for customers to manage and use their gift certificates.

Here's how the function works:


AwoRewards Birthday Promotion

Along with all the other promotions built into AwoRewards, it now has the added feature of Birthday promotions. If you are running a Virtuemart, Hikashop, Redshop, or Prestashop store, then this is an extension for you.

Virtuemart Remove Coupon from Cart

Once a coupon code is added to the cart in Virtuemart 2.x, there is no way of removing it. There are 2 immediate workarounds which can be used, depending on your situation:
1) If logged in, then log out, this will kill your session and remove the coupon code
2) if logged out, then log in and log out again, this will kill the session

However, we cannot expect the customer to understand or implement that. So to make Virtuemart more user friendly and allow for customers to delete a coupon entered at will, you can use one of the following solutions:

Create Automatic Discounts in AwoCoupon Pro

This is a guide to setting a coupon to be automatically applied to customers shopping cart, providing the customer meets the coupon criteria (i.e. minimum spend etc. ). 
In order to create automatic discounts you need AwoCoupon Pro 2.1.1 or higher.  
Note, automatic discounts are not available in AwoCoupon 1.

Virtuemart Coupon Tax Error in Initial Basket


In Virtuemart, there is a tax error on the initial basket page after entering a coupon. In a fresh installation of Virtuemart (in this case 1.1.5), I enter a product as below

Drupal/PhpMailer - Wrong "From" Name via Contact Form

If you are using Drupal 6 with PHPMailer configured, then you might notice that after receiving an email through the contact form the "From" field is populated with the site name, instead of the user name.  This can cause problems, or at least be a nuisance, since clicking the reply button in your email will automatically populate the “To” field with your site’s name.  If you try to change the setting through PHPMailer (admin/settings/phpmailer), an advanced option with a field called “From Name”, and a description that reads “Enter a name that should appear as the sender for all messages.

CCNewsletter Runtime Error in Internet Explorer

So I had a client who upgraded to CCNewsletter 1.0.7.  His business is heavily reliant on newsletters and he is an avid internet explorer user.  He tried to send a newsletter and the first batch worked fine.  However, after the countdown, the interface freezes and a run time error is generated.  This causes the rest of the batches fo fail.  Here is the specific error:

Webpage error details

Virtuemart Coupon Error with Discount Before Tax


Ok, so here you are. You have just finished installing your spanking new copy of Virtuemart 1.1.4 stable into your joomla website. You know you are going to be dealing alot with coupons, so you decide to run your first test. You want to create coupons where the discount is taken out before taxes are calculated. Never fear, Virtuemart has just the thing you need. So you go to the configuration screen and tick the correct box "Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping".

Isapi Filter for Drupal Clean Urls

Do you need to create a drupal site on IIS and would also like to use clean urls? There are other solutions, including installing isapi_rewrite. But if you are looking to write your own isapi filter (which is not that hard), you have come to the right place. This filter was tested on IIS6.

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